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Katelin's philosophy on teaching is simple...

As an artist, choreographer, and educator, Katelin uses her versatile training and passion for storytelling to create a class that both educates and inspires her students.

She works hard to facilitate a safe and positive space for growth of everyone from the accomplished dancer, to the new to dance, and everyone in between. Katelin aims to foster a respectful and supportive community within her classroom by providing her students opportunities to connect, collaborate, and communicate with each other using movement. With a loving and focused environment, her class will develop a student’s technique and performance quality while providing a safe and comfortable outlet to explore, learn, and appreciate the history, foundation, and fun that is dance!

Katelin’s warm up focuses on utilizing a jazz dance foundation to help students learn and retain the terminology and body-awareness of the classic theater dance style. Students will apply the “what, why, and how” these movements are executed in progressions across the floor to continue developing their foundation, while also using their body and focus to show intention and character. Class will end with a center combination, giving students the opportunity to apply what they have learned to confidently explore the musicality, character, and style of the choreography.

A Standard Class Model for Katelin’s Jazz and Theater Dance Classes:

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