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Katelin Zelon is a New York City and New Orleans based choreographer, educator, and storyteller. Her passion for storytelling and human connection is the driving force in her purpose and creative process. A Houston native and massive dog lover, Katelin has spent the last 10 years dancing, choreographing, and educating in New York City. During that time she created musicals across the country, choreographed major corporate events, and shared her love for storytelling through movement with hundreds of students from around the world. Katelin currently serves as guest theater dance faculty at Broadway Dance Center, as well as, an adjudicator for GROOVE and Nexstar Dance Competitions!




- Ryan Daniel Beck (Choreographer/Director)

The dance industry is filled with many individuals with diverse talents, but Katelin truly stands out from the rest. She brings an exquisite sensibility to her work and is honest and available in everything I have challenged her with. Every step of the way, she arrived with an open heart and ready to work. Katelin's choreography is dynamic, multi-dimensional, playful and nuanced. She is able to dig deep and find the authentic voice. Her ability to excel in a wide range of styles makes her a valuable and versatile artist.

Katelin truly stands out from the rest!

- Jeff Schaetzke, Director of ELF THE MUSICAL at First Stage, Milwaukee, WI

Katelin and I worked on our smash production of ELF on 2019 which turned out to be our biggest seller ever at First Stage. Katelin’s choreography was stunning, adaptable for young people, creative, fun, thoughtful and well planned. Her numbers have so much variety in styles and she is a great storyteller through dance. We worked incredibly well together on all scenes. Her communication from start to finish was incredible and she runs a great room. Cannot wait to work with her again.


- Patrick Graver (played Joseph in Fireside’s Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat)

Every movement has intention and serves the actor by progressing the story and upping the stakes. She’s constantly checking in with the dancers to make sure the process is collaborative and a team effort. Katelin is a strong leader but also a genuine friend to every member of the creative process. She is a gift to the musical theatre world and I feel privileged to have worked under her leadership.

Katelin’s choreography always stems from the soul of the character.

- Michael Dikegoros (played the prince in Fireside’s Cinderella)

She’s a natural storyteller- always prioritizing the characters’ inner thoughts and emotions, allowing the movement to develop from there. Any actor will feel safe collaborating with her. Dancing her choreography for the “Waltz at the Ball” was the highlight of Cinderella every night!

Katelin Zelon is the kind of choreographer you hope to work with.

- Alan Smason, WYES-TV Theatre Critic (“Steppin’ Out”)

The ensemble seems to be onstage for most of the numbers and all do a creditable job executing very inventive choreography by Katelin Zelon. It is a credit to their talent and to Zelon and Kelly Fouchi, an established choreographer of renown as well, that such work was elevated to a very high level.

Very inventive choreography by katelin zelon!